I am currently launching a design crowdsourcing site. I would like to promote this site with an affiliate network.
I had a look at the major players like cj but they all want an incredible high set up fee. Clixgalore is quite cheap but has an awfull reputation around webmasters.

Do you know any affiliate network which is not so expensive and you can recommend?

Thanks for your help!

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Let me recommend some competitors to you :-)

You can not only find cheaper networks than CJ or PPJ, but also free ones (no setup fees). Some might require large deposits thou (like Affiliatebooth; we partner with many large networks - it's common for networks to do crosspublication and market each others campaigns). We wave setup fees for many of our clients too, depending on the campaigns.

Design crowdsourcing... Hm, so you might also want to look for a network that also can monetize you as a publisher... double benefit.

Good luck, Yoda-ya :-)

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