I just got accepted into Tribal Fusion. I was wondering what I should expect from them. I tried fastclick but they didn't pay hardly anything and they served really ugly ads.

I have heard that Tribal Fusion will get me better results than even Adsense, which has proven to be the best so far.

I also want to know whether or not they ever exclusively serve generic, non-targetted ads to certain sites. My site is in a very odd niche, so I'm worried that I won't get any targeted advertisements, but they seem to indicate that they only accept sites that they can target.

Also, I was under the impression that they were kind of hard to get into. I had no trouble getting in whatsoever even though I barely met their requirements in terms of traffic.

Is Tribal Fusion really the "holy grail" in advertising networks or are they just over-hyped?

They're definitely one of the best. You can probably expect between $1-2 CPM from them, and more if your ads perform well. Basically, the better your ads perform, the more inventory they give you, and the higher the CPM rate is.

Even though they're CPM based, be sure to put the ads in really well spots, b/c ad location and performance and CTR make all the difference.