Hi all, I was just interested in everyones opinions on this.

I have a relatively small forum with about 50 members. There have never been any times when I have had delete or edit a post or ban a member. The forum is pretty much dominated by 3 members who post the most and are very knowledgable about the subject of the forum. At the moment I run it on my own and have no problems with that. But it probably could be made more tidy. But that would only take me an hour at the moment. My main question is when is the right time to start having moderators? Thanks for your help.

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The best moderators are the regular members who care about and are devoted to your community. Once you have a following that is large enough that you DO have members like those, then is the time to start promoting to mods. From what it seems, you have three prospective future moderators on your hands. Perhaps narrow that down to just 1 or 2 to start.

Thank you For your quick response, I will leave it a couple of months then, I think it has grown a very large amount after only being online for 3 months. Thanks for your help.

I look at moderators are more then just moderators they are forum leaders. If you have good ones and give them some responsibility and control they will grow your board as much as they will police it. A moderator should be a crowd favorite in my books, not the devil that casts out sin from the boards. My 2 cent take on things.

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