Does anyone know of any ad networks that cater towards European / Asian / Indian traffic? As a programming community, we generate a lot of Asian and Indian traffic. However, most of the big ad networks out there don't want to hear from any of it.

Does anyone know how to monetize on traffic from this part of the world? Aside from AdSense, that is.

Do you know if this type of marketing can get you good profits and sales. I am looking of extra option. I have tried various website marketing and they work
Has any one tried Ip broadcast / or fax marketing deos it work
One Marketin method that I am sure works and gets me many customers is Targeted email marketing.
What is your experience on some of these marketing methods

Matt D

There are a few companies out there that will serve almost all international traffic.


I think the problem is that Eastern European and Asian traffic has a bad rep with PPC companies (the main way of monetizing traffic to a website like this I would have thought). Put bluntly, they seem to think that most / all "visitors" from those parts of the world are fraudulent.

Your best bet might be to look into direct affiliate programs that would appeal to this sort of traffic. Along with the obvious ones (whatever they are for you), I'm going to try going outside the box and suggest Indian / Asian dating services (if they exist and have decent affiliate programs).

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