What is your Feedback About Google Plus ?

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It's a really subperb, you can make fsst friends group also...
I like most...

Google Plus is advanced, easy to understand, with good and simple design.. I am using and i like it.

Actually I dont like Google Plus. It doesn't have any new features. The Cirlces is just like Facebook lists. Yes the chat and video options have advanced compare to Facebook but we are not using social networks for chatting and video conference. For that we already have skype.

I found Google Plus very similar to Facebook. Except for the Hangout feature, there is not much difference from Facebook. It's just another social networking website.

I thinks Google Plus is Easy to use and it's advance.

I have created my personal profile on google plus and feel that its almost same like facebook but it is faster then facebook and i hope it will beat facebook.

It seems that google + will be better than facebook...we'll see

G+ is not mainly whole social site but it is place with all services provided by google at same place.As G+ is has both kind of platform one is for business and one is for full entertainment. G+ has many features that can be helpful for all.

Google Plus is amazing to use with all exciting features in it such as creating circles with different groups. I have recently started using it and quite user friendly. I like it.

It's good; a bit I am confused what to say. Though I have an account on G+ I have opened it just once. I am addicted to Facebook, don't know but I am unable to find it a usable one.

I think it's great that it lets the user categorize his contacts so easily. I also really dig the clearly arranged interface. I don't think that it will be a great danger to other social networks. of course google+ will have a market share but they won't take down facebook... I use both and I think facebook still is more interactive

google+ is quite an interactive site and i see it out running twitter and facebook very soon

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