Hi every body,

My websit's PR currently is #3 and I now need it to be #4 and #5. So could any one tell me how many backlink I have to make for that?

Thanks all,

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anyone answer my question? T.T

It's been 45 minutes. Impatient much?

Age of your site will have a big impact on getting the high PR, and it's not only the number of sites linking to yours that matters for increasing PR, but the number of high PR sites (since Google deems them as more credible you need fewer links than low PR sites.


Unfortunately, PR doesn't really count for much when it comes to search engine rankings - you can have a PR 4 or 5 site and still not rank for any of your primary keywords. PR can help when it comes to selling a site, but that's about it. Best way to increase PR rapidly is to get one or two links from .edu and/or .gov sites - Google absolutely LOVES them!

Yeah, I read that a lot of other sites had the PR dropped too so I didn't feel too bad. But the worst part was when I went to check my backlinks and found that there weren't any! Give me a heart attack why don'tcha! I was going crazy trying to find the cause until a kind soul pointed out to me that Google doesn't report backlinks for PR3 and under sites. Whew!

I am also confused with the google algos about back links. Some of my sites have 4 page rank with only 1 or 2 back links and sometimes i have no page rank with number of back links.
http://mawarinternational.com has zero page rank but it has thousands or page views and hundereds of back links and other the other hand vqcomms.com have only 3 back links and its page rank is 4. Surprisingly i got this page rank in just 3 months. It was zero before 3 months.

can anyone confirm that backlinks from .org and .edu pages are highly trusted pages for google? never heard of that but I'm not a off site seo expert. but if google ranks them with high trust, that would be really interesting and useful information to me. Thanks

Yes backlinks come from .org and .edu are important in google pages and these sites are of high pr and those pages are most authorised and it is tough to get backlinks from these sites.

There is no such specific amount of number to get the PR4 or even PR 5, to get the PR you just have to have good content and regular updation of your site and exchage links with related websites and you'll automatically get that PR that you want.

to get high pr just the backlinks are not required, you domain age, traffic on your site and the size of your site is also considered..

lol, I think google is just going crazy distributing and snatching PR.. I've been working on a site for the past 1.5 months, and it just got PR 3.. I can't figure out how !

I have got PR one juts in 20 post at my blog and i never created Back links and all.

Its all about better content and regular updation. so forget extra tips and tricks just use your keyboard and mind and create unique content that's it . rest will handled by Google it self.

All the best

My site PR is #2. I need to increase the site PR. Any suggestion kindly post.

As discussed above get good content and quality backlinks

I had a blog of mine get PR4 in 2 weeks since it was online, so domain age is not always important. Of course, it will help to have an older one on the long run. Focus on getting quality traffic and good rankings. They're more important than PR

Ah, may be 10000 or it might be 20. Depend upon quality.

It's not an exact number.
Why do you need pr4 or pr5? Did your boss asked you for this?
I asked the 2 question cause to me is more important to have relevant traffic rather then big pr.

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