Check your blog comments, sure there will be spam but I get many ideas from reading my comments.

Check out other blogs in your community for inspiration.

If your blog has been around for some time then check to see if there are any posts that you can update into a new post.

Check youtube, find a great video and upload it.

Do you have any other tips?

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Find the content from the breaking or updated news about own market field , and write it in your words and create the blog. Or first think on any topic in your field about which you feel to tell the people, and then find the more information on that topic from the internet and book. And after collecting the information on the topic , write it in your own words and create the whole blog.

I share my personal opinion about a news that I read, a review of some done project, a summery of our last case study, industry news analysis, some great stuff for my visitors, some useful links for my readers, a link of a great resource with an overview and offering. There are many thing that we can share with our readers that may help them to know something better than before.

If there is really nothing then just post an image and ask them to comment on that. JUST KIDDING


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