I just want to know the reviews about planetonline.net hosting provider, have you heard about this ?can anyone give me some suggestion for this.


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No, I haven't heard of this, but you must choose a web host who can provide you with absolutely unbeatable value on best VPS hosting and cheap dedicated servers.

No, I never heard this site. I use only godaddy.com and proffit.biz

Never heard of them but their website looks terrible. As bhav123 says, try GoDaddy. They're a huge company and they're good and cheap for small companies who don't need much.

I'm going to second Dani's comment. The site is terrible (which leads to a very untrustworthy site) and GoDaddy is a much better bet. Your budget will also come into a factor here. In my personal opinion I would go with Network Solutions and/or 1and1.

I have tried go dady best hosting providing company.

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