Google+ should change their Design agree or not ?

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I think Google+ should change a lot of things. Having a solid API is one of them.

Here is a update about seo people.

Google+ also providing a great dofollow back link for us (SEO Point of view). There is a option to insert links.

I must be agreed. Not only designing i think you have to change name too it they want to compete Facebook and social net working site.

Actually google has developed the google plus keeping in mind its impact on website ranking. As matt cutts has said that if a website is blocked by many visitors it may have an impact on SERP. Now the facebook is designed specially for communicating and interacting with the buddies, sharing links, information, images, videos etc. So it has a solid design.


Google plus is growing very fast it is helpful in business promotion too and it would work as Facebook works.

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