How many articles can you write in an hour?

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How many articles can you write in an hour?

It depend on the topic as if the topic is such that is familiar to my field and knowledge then can write more. And if unaware by the field or not so familiar then first i take time to know the full detail and information then i need for more time to write the article.

Yeah it depends, if the topic seems easy and familiar to me, then i can write better, with a good speed. Otherwise, I have to search about it.

if you want quality content then it will take time like 3 to 4 hours minimum. if anyone write 3 or 4 article in hours i don't think there is quality content

If the article given to me is familiar to me i used to do it fast if i don't know about it means it will take time

if the article given to me is families to me i will do it fast...............

wow - thats alot of articles in 1 hour

Yes that true that it takes lot of time to write an article. You have to look keyword density, Number of words content in the article etc.

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