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There was a very good thread on how to use Facebook to direct traffic to your website, and I picked up many tips. I was having a discussion with a friend who was telling me that Twitter is even more powerful then facebook and I was wondering if anyone would like to share some success stories they have had with twitter so that I can understand my friends comment better.

Thanks guys

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I wouldn't necessarily say that Twitter is more powerful than Facebook. It's more like comparing apples to oranges -- they each have their strengths and weaknesses. Twitter has a lot more noise, and you have to work a lot harder filtering through that noise. Facebook works better when you have photos you want to post and you want to form more of an inner-circle community. Twitter doesn't have that same sense of community that Facebook does. All that being said, we tend to get more benefit out of Twitter. Links within our tweets tend to travel further and more outside our community than Facebook shares do. While it's definitely just a stereotype, and probably not true anymore, Facebook also in my eyes caters to a slightly younger audience than Twitter.

facebook is effective in its own way, and twitter has its own significance.. so there is no comparison between them except that both are social media sites.

I've never tweeted before so how regularly should I tweet to get a strong response, and how would I add links to my tweets?

According to me, Facebook is a best and effective social media site. Anyway twitter is also a best. If you have to explain your thoughts to everyone then Facebook is the best way to express yourself to every one because in twitter you cant explain in detail. As Mr.trinsleynewton said, there is no comparison between both social media sites.

What i think that every social network is the best for the promotion. But the need is to use it effectively and with providing the best. As all the social networks has its own speciality and people like to use as per their need.
And always provide the best information to people and be instant responder for their query solution. So this way more people will attract to you and you will get the more benefit.

CSCgal is right. They are two completely different animals. Facebook just reached 1 billion members, I don't know how many Twitter has, but Facebook lets you add a lot more words than twitter does. Do you offer anything that has a visual aspect to it? Why not incorporate that into your posts? You can do that on Twitter also, you can use some free services to post photos. Personally, I've found that I get quick replies when I post a photo. My audience comments on it almost immediately.

A lot of people forget to use visual impact in their marketing of things they sell, yet ad companies take that into first consideration. If you use Gimp or Photoshop, see if you cannot make some knockout images featuring your product, and post them everywhere you can. Let's say you're selling a particular brand of cell phone. Well, take a photo of a friend holding the thing and then make a really stunning special effect with it, ask for comments. If you use a particular software to achieve it, go to where the users go, and ask for their comments, you might create a lot of excitement for your product. What do you think ad agencies do? They create a buzz, and then just keep it going.

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