Hi, my name is Daniel Schtudiner, and I Have a coffee roasting company in Israel.

Two weeks ago I have payed a local company to build for me a site, and they told me that they have a pre-built e-commerce platform, and I will only pay for the design and a monthly fee for hosting and maintenance. By this stage everything was nice, But yesterday I have been told by a good friend that my site is not "google friendly" and it will never get in the first three pages unless I make a new site by other web designer.

he explained me that it has too much code on it and the "too much code problem" is irreversible, and it has lots of other built quality poblems that are irreversible too.

since I have heard that this is a professional forum I would like to know what is your opinion about this issue.

Thanks....... Daniel

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We have to look at the site to be sure but almost anything can be Google friendly nowadays. The factor that determines this the most is your content (paragraphs, images, videos ...), how keyphrases are emphasized, how pages are inter-linked ... There are off-site considerations too that affect your rankings and have absolutely nothing to do with how your code is crafted.

Thanks a lot, the site is http://www.secreto.co.il and I was also told today by other person that it could never be in the first pages considering the competition, but again I would really like if you take a look at it/

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