Hey guys,
You know when you are about to buy an item online you have to insert your address, etc and after a few days you will receive the product at the address you provided.
Well i am setting up an online business that offers products but i am stuck because i don't know where i should go or which companies offer these kind of services.
If you know any companies that offer these services pleas let me know and if you had experience with any of them also let me know as it would be great.
Thank you in advanced.

You need not to go anywhere just hire a SEO person to promote your website.If you have any question then give a private message to me.

You can use Ebay, Amazon, and other on-line stores to sale your hard copies.

You can also use website for your books(Use some promotional activities to sell books.
Such as-"I,ll offer a Samsung Galaxy Tab to a lucky buyer ,who will purchase my book from 30th feb,2012 to 1st aprile,2012 )

Thats it . actually it works i have already seen it on interent

Yes I agreed with Jashndeep too.

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