How to make a strong Ecommerce business! And which are the important factors and requirements for it....

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Site design, user experience, and most importantly is high traffic... SEO the life out of your site drive traffic up and booom..... your site will make it :)

If we talk about important factors and requirements 'site theme and its visibility in search engines and its raknk are important factors'

high traffic on your site and disign of your site is the factor that bring you more users.

Getting success with ecommerce! not easy but not imposible too! You have to be successded in all area of ecommerce, starting its design, development to marketing. For designing you can focus more on your potential customer before creating content and other elements to encourage them to put an order. Next is development, you can use advance technology and features to enhance your store and last the promotion. Find out best resources for traffic, SEO is best.

To make a successful E-Commerce business, firstly the website should really be good and attract visitor's attention.The platform on which you build your system is really important.It has to be user friendly, easy and flexible.Web marketing is an important aspect to make your busines a sucess.Knlowledge about SEO is very Important.

well layout of your site and high traffic are pivotal factors....

Provide many ways to find products, Make it clear why people should purchase from You, After you’ve solved the basic mechanics of shopping and purchasing, you might want to look at some more advanced issues. Consider including some advanced features shopping cart software in your website. Avoid Surprises and Keep it convenient for user to browse.

i dealt a long time with and they made the most turnover with serach engine advertising and branding. Branding is really a good way to gain costumers with an extreme "lifetime". A costumer which buys over and over again is really convinced about your product and will suggest your product to other people. Nevertheless it is really hard to get to this point where you can pay huge advertising fees and invest in your brand.

Yes guys,

I am full agree with you.

By My Review i suggest to dont use any open source I suggest for this purpose although its a cousty but its much better then Open source

The main part is doing seo of ecommerce site, if you created your ecommerce site then you have to think how you are going to get traffic, search engine would give traffic but you have to optimize for search engines first.

ecommerce sucess we get by doing well promotion online by seo and smo

Ecommerce success can be achieved by doing quality SMO and SEO but it should be done in proper way.

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