I have a website with a user registration page in which they give their details including a bank account no for online transaction, if any user is registered with us we will generate a unique web link for them through which their clients will make an online payment.

this is the process. Now I want to know can I have an ecommerce page with multiple accounts?

Kindly help.

You can have it set up however you want, it's your application and you guys are writing it. Are you asking if there's a technical limitation or a limitation due to the payment processor you're using or what? Sorry, I'm confused by your question.

I am running a small company, we have more than 50 clients. For each client, who are registered with us we design a web page and a payment gateway to recieve funds from their sub clients.

To do this job I want an e-commerce account where I can divide my account into multiple accounts and assign to my clients for online transactions.
Hope I am clear this time. thank you

Do you mean multiple bank account per gateway? That's how i understand what you were saying? are you saying.. for example you want the client 1 to pay account 1 processed by the gateway, and client 2 pay to account 2 processed by the same gateway?

It is possible to have the differnet accounts for one web site , as specilay for ecomrace site