Hello Friends. I am doing SEO for web development website. Is anyone here to guide me that how can I do seo for e-commerce website? How to start seo for e-commerce websites?

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Focus on Singular Keywords on Product Page: As a general rule, I try to optimize for plural keywords on the home page or other SEO landing pages. Focus on singular terms on the product pages by using the SEO keyword field mentioned in step 2.

There is a lot of difference between SEO of an e-commerce site and SEO of a content site (though the elementary SEO part remains the same)
SEO of an e-commerce site primarily focuses on:
- Use unique product descriptions
- Use unique title and description tags
- Include product reviews/ user comments
- Make use of internal contextual links
- Allow product tagging
- Keep all products within 2-3 clicks from the home page
- Use links within product description
- Optimize images

Also include Image Names and 'h1' tags.

you should provide as many data (product data feed) as possible to Google regarding the products, sizes, prices etc. ...

Move your website to higher ranking by powerful top 10 techniques.

Optimization Guide #1: Use primary keyword as the starting word of your title. For example: Weight Loss product from MyStore. Where ‘Weight Loss’ is your primary keyword.

Optimization Guide #2: Use primary keyword as folder name and HTML file name. Avoid repeating keywords in URL structure. For example: http://yoursitename/primarykeyword/primarykeword/file.html [WRONG]
http://yoursitename/primarykeyword.html or http://yoursitename/primarykeyword/index.html

Optimization Guide #3: Use primary keyword in page content’s header tags. Use H1 – H3 tags to emphasize your keyword.

Optimization Guide #4: Use bold and italics to mark primary keyword in contents. Avoid using so much of links in contents.

Optimization Guide #5: Place your keyword phrase at the bottom of your contents. You can place in the bottom links.

Optimization Guide #6: Use your keyword in image alt texts.

Optimization Guide #7: To avoid keyword stuffing SPAM issues, use at maximum 2% of keywords in your content. The below formula to calculate keyword density percentage
(Total Number of Keywords/ Total number of Words) * 100

Optimization Guide #8: Create HTML Sitemap to easily navigate your site.Create XML Sitemap and submit it to search engines. This will inform the search engines about your web pages and time frequency for crawling.

Optimization Guide #9: If you are promoting a software product, create PAD XML and submit to download directories. Get immediate affiliates to market your products and increase download rates and external links.

Optimization Guide #10: Write a press release about your site or product and submit to press release sites. Your press release will be immediately displayed in front of google and yahoo. Your press release will also be broadcasted in many RSS sites, social media sites like twitter, facebook, digg, linkedin etc. Write an Article about your product or site and submit to article sites. Similar to Press Release, articles also brodcasted in many RSS sites, social media sites like twitter, facebook, digg, linkedin etc.Submit your site to free directories to get external links. Don’t worry about approval, many directories never bother about your current rankings. You will get immediate approval.

Good luck for your SEO Success !

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