Hi everybody!

Did you know that FB is going to be a paid Social Networking System since July 10-th 2010?
They are going to charge $4 per month and some other services in FB are going to be paid as well.

What do you think about it?

For real? I did not know this - I did not find this information on the site. Can you include a link for reference?

There's no way Facebook will start charging for basic use. Everyone will go somewhere else if they do.

is this true? may i know your source? this will be the death of facebook. ask people to pay and people will look for new sites or don't use anything at all. that's too sad.

I also never hear of this.If Facebook are paid by public that would not be on a good sutuation to facebook .I agree if it's pay .people will transfer to some other SNS.such as twitter.