I have quation for SEO Expert. I know how to build One way link for your website. You do Article, DIR, social bookmarking submisison etc...
But when some ask you to find out the links with PR 3 or 4 where they can post there links for some money, Know there i face some problem.
What will be the best way to find out the links for your clients.
Know my client ask me to find out the links **payday loans, cash advance, credit cards, phramacy, adult, gambling, casino. Page must be cached within last 30 days, PR (of page link is on) PR1+ and an Alexa below 4mil. **

Know my question is what steps do i need to do to find the links for my clients. Usuallt i do search visits different forums etc... which is very time taking. So i there any other way to find the links.

I'm not really sure what you mean, but going back a bunch of years ago, everyone in the SEO industry used the Google Toolbar which indicated the PR (on a scale of 0-10) for the currently loaded page. The site's toolbar PR was an indication of the quality and quantity of backlinks.

Over time, people were buying and selling text ads on pages based on their PR, which is against Google's policies. Therefore, toolbar PR is no longer available.