I am working with 4 new various projects and doing SMO and SEO both.I need advice from internet marketing expert, which one better SMO or SEO??

Please share your ideas

Thanks in advance

Both are imporatnt for online business. SEO is process to increase visibility with our appropriate keywords on search engines. SMO is for to get more popular on internet and to to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand or event through social media.

Both are intented to get more traffic and sales for online business. Search engines coverts more quality traffic towards our website than social media.

I think seo is better than smo.

SEO and SMO both are optimization terms. SEO optimize the webpages to get backlinks, traffic and page rank while SMO do the things like profile building to get traffic or for marketing. SMO is the part of SEO.Social Media optimization is very important and can often result in quick and targeted traffic. Neither should be ignored by webmasters in order to get the ultimate visibility. But before you even begin those campaigns, your website needs great content.You can get Search Engine Visibility services from XnYnZ.com . They provide tools improve search engine rankings with keyword and increase traffic to your website with higher rankings.

Search engine optimization is a process to upgrade your site in google seaech engine,you can make back link of your site through SEO.

pls share about SMO,thx

SEO brings you traffic that you can use for smo purpose.
SMO brings traffic that you can use to your SEO.

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