I am seeking help to start Social Media Marking,is there anybody help me?


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Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites like facebook,twitter,pinterest etc.For getting targeted traffic you can do one thing make a business profile there and start following the relevant people,ask your client to follow you,Share your company's updates and information on these sites and ask your followers to share your updates so that their followers can see your post.This will help you in driving targeted traffic on your site.

Increase the Popularity of your website using your social networking Site (facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Myspace and many more). You have to create your profile in these social sites and connect with other users, Share your thought, Links, Promoted your Company name, website ...

Social media marketing is very helpful, if you are doing SEO of your site then you need help of social sites.

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I would like to express my gratitute to all for their support/reply.


to do some good social mdeia marketing you need to setup your social media pages at facebook , twitter, youtube and other social networks.
and then invite as many friends as you can to increase the visitors to your social networks, only then you can post your adds to the thousends of followers through social media.


Make pages of these following popular networking sites (facebook,google+,twitter and etc.), build a page that has good content, proper grammar and new.

Of course, social media is really too helpful there is no doubt of this really.

Social ads & Fan pages/ Network Page plays prior role in social media marketing.Mostly all the social websites offers network page with free of cost. Don't loose any free stuff on the web.

Try Wallpost social advertisements, it's offers ads with free of cost upto 5 for every registered user, so try it with different mailid's. All the Best.

well to start social media marketing, u shd frst do ur homework abt it like know all the strategies, the exy ways and most effective way.

Make a brand awarence thruogh the social media sites.Share the things of your customers interest and promote your business and Introduce new schemes after making accout on these social media sites.

You dont need any help, just read more blogs and rules about social media sites and marketing. you can learn it easy. but you need to obey the site guidelines..

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