HI Everyone,
I am very curious as to find out what your biggest problems/concerns are when it comes to social media for marketing purposes or building an online community.
I would love to hear from you so share away and lets see how we can help each other out!

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The problem is that I still can't get more visitors from social media.

If you find a ratio between goods and bads, you'll get big negative number. But of course they must not be ignored.

For me, it's the time. When you are not up for a while, you're no where in the graph. So, to make sure your users/fans stay connected, you have to stay alive.

If Justin Bieber won't post a status for sometime, sure thing is the social world would have already pronounced him dead.

For me it is about how to build up a community of fans for my products. How do I build an online community and then get leads to my website from the online community. At the end of the day, I would like more sales...

Hi elitebag: I just checked out your website, but I didn't see any social media icons. which social networking channels do you use? It will help to add the social media icons to your website. If you have a Facebook page or Twitter, may I have the link? That way I can help you a little better in terms of getting more traffic to your site from your social media efforts.

Hi fakesoul: I just read this article that gave some really good tips on how to save time with social media marketing. Here it is: http://www.salesscene.co.uk/7-ways-to-save-time-social-media-marketing

Hi kat101: Remember, when it comes to building an online community around your brand, provide content that your target audience finds valuable. People don't join a Facebook Page so that they can receive sales messages all day long, so do not use it solely to push your sales messages onto the community. For example, if you have a webshop that sells golf clubs, then a possible way to engage your audience is to create content that helps with their golf game. Provide tips and tricks to help improve their golf game, this way your golf webshop will position itself as an authority as well as a helpful entity, which gains you trust. Think about what kinds of conversations you want to have with your community and start engaging. At the end of the day, people tend to buy things from people they trust.

It takes time.. this my biggest problem

Although this is time taking yet it is really fruitful. Well i don't have any kinda problem with Social Media.

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