Hello Everyone,

I own a blog posting site

I want to run ads on it but I am confused which one to use. I have heard about bidvertiser, blogsvertise, Chitika, Linkworth, and Adsense etc. Now seeing so many programs it is difficult to decide that which one is best without using all separately for one month. I do not want to waste this time so please share your experiences and tell me that which one is the best.

Thank You

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in your case probably Adsense

Adsence is best among these all.

I would vote for Adsense and Blogvertise. These two sites are best for AD earnings.

Try using adsense. It is most preferred for advertising.

yeah adsense number 1 but they have strick pilicies

Adsense is the consensus. As ozstylo says, they do have strict policies so make sure you follow the guidelines. But, with a good and concentrated effort you can be sucessful with Adsense.

You can use the digital marketing to increase the sale

I think google Adsense can be used for promoting

promote at youtube. Youtube is the 3rd top site in the world, with over 1 billion unique visitors every month. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month. Youtube is localized in 56 countries across 61 languages.

Nielsen says youtube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. There are millions of new youtube subscribers every day. Youtube is available on hundreds of millions of devices. Over 700 videos are shared on Twitter each minute; 100 million people take social action like sharing, comments, etc.

adsense and even facebook ads

You should to use google adsense. Because it is the best advertising method.

i want to say adsense is the best method for this......

Hello everyone,
yes adsense is best option for him.

you have to use the google adword this is the best online marketing strategy in which you can get the targeted traffic

you have to use the facebook marketing this is the best way to promote the business

I also support adsense. You should use it.

yes Adsense reaches all over the world

try the google adsense this method will gives you the ads run for your site and earn the money

Digital Marketing,Social Media Activities,Classifieds are very helpful for Advertising purpose.

The best option is online advertising agencies. These agencies provide many services under one roof. so the best option is hire a local advertising agency in your city.


Classifieds are most effective and Adsense is the suggestable one for advertising and has good reputation among all the advertising sites.

Adsense for newbie ... it's a little bit hard choise, but good one. If i'am on your place, i will be use others like adsense...biodvertiser,adbrite...Then when your site will be higher on google page, let's say first page:) then you can start with adsense anyway. And you will learn the basic and more. This is my opinion.

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