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why am i reading this, i'm a backend programmer.

i'm redoing my resume site.
now after reading all this, i can't tell what to do with multiple contents.

since the tag title is very important
should i create multiple pages with different titles
or i can change the content dynamically and keep the same title?

is it important that the title reflects the content or it just doesn't matter, seo wise ?


Yes..Title is very important as SEO wise. Avoid creation of multiple pages with same title. Your website content should be unique. You can change if you want. Title should be related to page content. This is much affects to website seo.

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Thanks for sharing the link. That's a good website and the articles are well writtent.

If you're looking for back links let me know. My website, Original Press Releases is a page rank 2 'do follow' site and I'm willing to trade back links with a page rank 2 or higher website.

You could send me an article to publish with 3 anchor text links and a video or pic and I'll post it for you.


Wow! it is very useful and helpful for SEO webmaster bcz here we can get more useful information about the SEO.


thx @phppennyauction, i'll straighten that up.

and ... since i was doing a redo, i'm also going html5.
What do you think of the microdata that helps machine on accurate informations ?
Would the attributs itemscope, itemtype and so on, help on SEO or it's a waste of time ?

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