How to look for more dofollow blogs to comment?

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May be you can go for the just search for your target keyword and select the options for dofollow blogs with livefyre comments and all for free!!

Use Firefox browser and install SEO Quake plugin into it, so you can see dofollow or nofollow of a website faster.

Once you have both, you googling dofollow blogs with Commentluv or Keywordluv or both. Type the keyword in your niche on the Google's search field.

As per google updates the blog comments does not work

Kevin what update? My webmaster tool still shows my followed and noFollow links?

Do-follow blog commentting back-links are very important and effective to get fast and reliable SERP ranking in short period and in right way. You can searchout these kinds of blogs from your competitor's backlinks watch.

Hi all,I need sone do folow blog coment tite list for my website.Please healp me any one.
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check ahrefsdotcom to get doffolow and nofollow blogs, I hope you would get some useful blogs

There are many plugin's and addon's for your help to find out dofollow.

Use google for searching blogs and comments on those blogs which have good pr and alexa

Please Search Google Search Engins

I think dofollow comments can be helful, they always help to build backlink, also find blogs related to your niche

Liamreed your suggestion is good thanks......

Dofollow links are good..but
Q) How to find Dofollow or Nofollow...?
Ans: Step 1: Select any link in the website
Step 2: Right click on that
Step 3: Select the option "Inspect Element"
Step 4: if you won't find nofollow in that then the site is Dofoolw Site
Step 5: Finish

Blog commenting is no more effective after the Google updates, but If you want do follow blog list, simply go to the Google and search for do follow blogs with the keywrods of your niche. Ypu will found lot of do follow list for blog commening.

You can use to blog commenting .
Blog commenting is good way to increase sites traffic.

Commenting do follow blogs still worth in ranking? I have stopped such work, kindly guide me.

Great info and insights :) Thanks for writing this article. It is well written and is really current.Thank you.

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