how do i increase web traffic

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Better use social media like facebook, twitter, myspace and youtube. it will helps you a lot to get more traffic.

Social Networking resources (facebook, twitter, stumbleupon) are the best way to increase traffic for the website.

You also want to think about search engines when you title your posts, since the engines can help to drive traffic to your blog. ... Tagging content can also be valuable to help give you a "bump" towards getting traffic from big sites like Reddit, Digg & StumbleUpon (which requires that you download the toolbar,


Bookmarking sites are my pick. Getting backlinks from this sites will help a lot.

I'd focus on having good content on your site that is frequently updated so people will come back.

Your website needs seo friendly to search engines. The best way is make your site interesting with original articles

Good content is also good... Content is still the king..

Send your website and as many user and friends you will get good amount of visitor on your website

Fiverr now very popular, especially after it has been on Yahoo. Fiverr $ 5 for a site that people do all sorts of things, they give you $ 5 for a site design, they make you a site code for $ 5, all worth a total of $ 150, they , because they need instant money and etc.
Well, go to the ad section, and some gigs that can help you to see, for only $ 5 for people over 50 and Cambridge are putting flyers etc., all that stuff is only $ 5 the amazing part, I got my people there.
7 Ways them my favorite way, but there are millions out there, but they are complicated, but hey! I have a proposition for you, check my sig and through those trips you can get hit and thousands of dollars! Google and many many sources, just check it out! George methods because of its traffic is a very popular kid.

I saw a new way of sending videos in Twitter yesterday, which drew attention to a website. The tweet was:

handy way to send video emails like this #EFL #esl #edtech #elearning #ELT.

The Tweeter created a video mail on and sent it to himself. When he played it he copied the URL, shortened it, and attached it to this tweet. It got retweeted multiple times. I had never thought about tweeting a video link before but thought this was a pretty cool way of doing it. You could do the same thing with a YouTube video link as well.

Bookmarking sites are my pick. Getting backlinks from this sites will help a lot.

I'd go with this bookmark site, also submit to directories and or use google adwords

These days people love to watch videos so in my opinion youtube and other video sites are very good to attract traffic.

Getting traffic is a combination of a lot of things. The key to success is to create great content that visitors want to use, search engines will love and other websites will naturally link to.

Getting traffic is a combination of a lot of things. The key to success is to create great content that visitors want to use, search engines will love and other websites will naturally link to.

I agree.. So many factors are to be considered in getting traffic, most specially, organic traffic.

Hi. There are several things you can do to increase traffic. The best way is through backlinking. There are several backlinking strategies. The easiest is through writing articles, submitting them to web 2.0 sites and linking articles to those web 2.0 sites. You can also find websites with high PR and link to those sites.

Ultimately if you want steady traffic you will need a high page rank in Google, but if you want junk traffic you can buy some.

I'd say "targeted advertising". It is expensive but it has the best ROI. Staying in touch with other people in community website, including forums also works, but I think that the concept of posting meaningless or spamming blogs with useless comments just to stick your signature or link is wrong.

a lot of people immediate will go to a "SEO is your solution" type of comment here, but try different types of advertising.

our company actually got a pretty good response from Display Advertisement networks. those are actually quite hard to come by. it really depends on your revenue model. for us, our cost per acquisition can be quite high but since our revenue model supports residual income, ROI is actually still very good with a high CPA.

if you want a more immediate solution, try PPC.

how do i increase web traffic

Optimise your web site, look at your meta tags & keywords, get the corect words on the page, then build inbound links to you site from other web sites and good directories. Look at using social bookmarking sites and social media like twitter & facebook. Post on blogs that relate to your site. etc etc.

SMO, SMO and SMO ..
make accounts in social networking sites and promote your website.

Another method to drive instant traffic is to submit your site automatically to all the great social bookmarking sites, press releases and article directories. There is a software for this called Traffic Anarchy. You can find it in my sig.

good unique content are best way to drive more traffics and visitor can stay on your website maximum time and again visit your website with you need to generate more and more quality backlinks so its can help get more visitors.

Articles are one of the best ways to increase traffic. Using the right keywords for your niche market and apply them correctly in your articles you will gain a position in the search engines to direct quality traffic. Be sure to give a good useful content that is useful for those they target.

Social media optimization and other Seo activities can more helpful to increase website traffic.

commented: useless -3

I believe in good updated unique content. But, unfortunately, most of us are just going for article rewriting!

Have you considered paid traffic? Good sources of paid PPC traffic are:
Google AdWords
Facebook advertising
Yahoo! advertising
MSN adCentre
Smaller Ad networks - 7search,, etc.

Other paid traffic would be PPV from places like:
Zango, traffic vance, clicksor, media traffic etc.

And Banner ads or media buys.

2. Article Marketing
write articles (or get articles written) which you submit to article syndication sites like:
- ezinearticles,,,,

3. Press releases:
submit press releases through free or paid press release sites.
Some free services are -,,, etc

4. Email Marketing
send out emails
You can rent email lists, JV with people with a list to send out emails on your behalf.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Social Networking facebook, twitter, are the best way to increase traffic

By email marketing or by doing SEO of your site for a targeted keyword on search engine.
Social media marketing is also a best way to promoting site.

SEO process are used to increase traffic for your website.

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