Hi friends, I have already download gboxapp in my PC, but I can't install it thought now. So please help in this situation.

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OK thanks for using this toolbar. Moreover, I have a same problem of you. So please listen to me, Please go to gboxapp.com and download then if you think it's difficult yourself so please see this video youtube.com/watch?v=BaiM... and then install. I maybe help you.

HUH?! Why on earth would anyone use that??? It looks terrible?!

please visit https://www.facebook.com/gbox.app.7 and read more info about installing gboxapp. Also you can use this search-engine search.gboxapp.com when you need to find more info about gboxapp. Thanks.

Fromn my practical experience, I can say it is easy to install & use the grate gboxapp tollbar. I am using this toolbar for many days. I think you choose the right toolbar in appropriate time. just search, gboxapp in google. you can visit it own website: gboxapp.com

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