Hi guys,

I need to build an ecommerce site for a client and I have the general design figured out but I can't find a solution that works for me. I need to be able to adapt the html/css to my design as well as have a search engine, that I can customize the look of the results.

I have looked at several solutions but they either have a limited trial period or are too complicated for me to get them off of the ground. I am new to ecommerce and was hoping someone had some advice for a solution where I don't have to adapt my design to fit into a template.

I know plenty of people have asked this question because I have been searching for an answer for weeks. I thought maybe I can get a better result if I asked the question directly.

I like the idea of a hosted situation because there isn't a lot of setup but I'm finding that those aren't very customizable. Any help will be much appreciated because I'm tearing my hair out over this. Thanks in advance.

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I have looked at several solutions

It would be helpful to list these, so it's obvious what you don't want. What is your client selling?

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By any chance are you looking into having 100% control over the site (basic website...) or a CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal)...

As pritaeas has said before, can you tell us on what you want and don't want and what your client is selling?

I know plenty of people have asked this question because I have been searching for an answer for weeks

How much time has your client given you? If your short on time, I personally think it's easiest to go with Wordpress or drupal.


Just check out uniecommerce, which has new things like combination of offering group deals, conducting online auction, social commerce, mobile apps, multi - merchandising.

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Hi, Do you still need an E-commerce solution.
There is 2 way.
The first solution is you find those Open source E-commerce.
The another way is find Paid E-commerce.

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"Virtuemart" is a powerful free extension for the Joomla CMS. If you have little or no experience, you can find Joomla templates all over the shop, but i'll always suggest hiring a developer if you don't know.


Magento is an open source e-commerce web application which is User-friendly & easy to setup your store within few minutes.


Magento is one of the best online ecommerce software. Moreover, the Magento extensions are the best features that includes Daily Deals extension, One Step Checkout extension and many more.


I think Magento is one of the best option to build onlion eCommerce store. It has all built-in features that meet your future demands.


Well i think you need a customized e-commerce solution. If you have style in your mind, you should have a system that fully personalize according to your style, e.g. easy incorporation of e-commerce software solution application, online search engine friendly routing, and site framework, simple check out process and so on.


I am not sure still you have the requirement or not.

The best open source e-commerce tool to customize according to our template is Prestashop.com. We can also handle the site from backend.


I would stay away from the open source "free" stuff.
We use ecommerce templates and it's low cost and very powerful.
You can get an .asp - .php or wordpress version.
Respoonsive designs too.
I highly recommend it.


A fully customized ecommere site is oscommerse . you will get all the functionaliy change , update or upload in this cms .

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