I recommend use social media, links in WEB2.0 sites, Article marketing, free directories, blog posting.

There are many useful tips in this thread. And i totally agree with many of them. If you want to build a new site, try to focus on the content creation first. Always put the quality over quantity. If you are not really good at writing articles, try the other method. And that's to write personally as if you're speaking to people in your articles.

One of my best methods is by using a personal opening sentence in every of your article, like "Hi guys, welcome back", "Hi guys, glad to see you again here", etc. This will help you a lot to make the next sentence flow easily in your brain. Don't try to be like professional author if you can't do it. Personal-type of authors are more loved by visitors or readers these days.

After you've put all of your contents on your blog (probably around 50-100 posts), then you can start the promotion. Do the promotion first on many high authority social media: from Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Myspace, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin, and many more. These are really high authority sites. Even if you only get no-follow links from them, Google can still see this and will improve your rank on SERPs. Not to mention, you also need to submit each of your article URL to sites like Yahoo Answer, WikiPedia, Google Groups, etc, but only on the pages that are related to your posts. DOn't Spam!!

I'm currently building a new game blog actually. It's still 4 months. It currently has 0 PR but amazingly, my new website gains a significant organic traffic per day from Google (Yup that Google!), around 50 and it keeps improving every day. Yesterday was almost 80.

But the rule of thumb is clear, ALWAYS PUT THE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

If you're a newbie in this field - then you should read more info regarding this matter at start. There lots of material for newbies in internet, and there are many useful info on this forum. Do not rush to cover all at once - start small.

submit your website on search engine like google,bing, yahoo,msn
do some directory submission and social bookmarking for local listing.
and build your social prospect over

best social networking website

if you have bolg site than it best way to attract audience.

First you start with your on-page factors.Once you have done the on page stuffs, makre sure you submit it to the search engine directories so that your website gets crawled.Then you can focus on off page factors.

To promote new website, you should build a high PR backlinks to it. Although buy some FB likes and posts at WTB section of CodeClerks

FIrst you need to do on page optimization for your website. Check target keywords for your website and add those into title, meta description, meta keywords, website page content and image alt tags. These are very helpful to start with SEO of any website.
Check if website is having search engine friendly urls and should not contain query strings.

I will recommend to focus on onpage optimization fix all the issued related to site and also quality off page promotion can help you to get ranking. If you are a local business local citation also plays an important role.

through article submition

Just analyze your website first that includes website structure , its content, design, taregt keywords, heading tags, images, alt tags ans much more. Add title, meta description, meta keywords and alt tags into images. Make officila social media accounts of your website as socila media is having a huge user engagement these days. make good and real connections that are good for your business and then update it regullarly. Try to establish your website first , first it will start appearing in search results, you will start getting traffic.

you can permote your business through different ways.
1.classified ad
2.Forum post
3.Banners add

Go for SEO for your website, points to be remember for your website. try not to copy content from any website, try writing fresh content. each time you publish any article or your website new pages then they must have quality and unique content so as to avoid google penality. while creating link to your website avoid linking to any spammy website.

Start doing first a good On Page setup, then come back and ask for the rest tasks. Is very important to have your content, site architecture well done first!

you have to do the good SEO of your website and than you have to increase the social media activities about your website on platforms like facebook and twitter etc and by posting on blogs

Use for this technique for promote your website

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Great Content
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media
  5. Video Marketing
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