I am new in this field, can anyone help me out in finding out how to promote a newly launched website?

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Ads and social media is a good start. Also SEO

you can start seo on your website
to make page imporve and promote your site
thank you

social media presence is very important, I would recomended you start your business network page on facebook.com and wallpost.com

Hi there!

I'm about to launch a new website, one of the most important things is good SEO and honestly don't buy back links or things like that, it's really not a good idea, however great it sounds at the time!

I've been trawling buysellads.com all day as I only have a small budget, but I've found that advertising is cheaper than I expected, I put together a plan across 14 advertisers, that will get 1.6 million impressions for only $545. So if you have a small budget you could use for advertising that may be one way.
Make sure you get yourself on all social mdeia outlets, Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin etc.

Also maybe think of something like a flashmob? Basically choose a popular song, get some dancers in a busy location and post the Video on youtube and across social media and if your lucky it could go Viral.

Hope your new website is a sucesss :)


Kind Regards

Well this is pretty simple. You can just your site address as your status update on facebook. You can even put it as an ads on social netwroking sites by telling what your site is all about. Hope that this will be helpfull to you and this will get your site a great success.

Yahoo Answers
Directory Submission
Guest Posting
Video Creation
RSS Submisission
Social Media

Do follow basic seo aspects to get traffic, you need to promote it via blogs, article and social media.

One of the best ways to promote a new website is by joining a good and really effective type of affiliate marketing program. As we all know, Affiliate marketing is a popular strategy that is being used to promote products. One can register with one or more various affiliate marketing networks such as
Commission Junction
Link Share
Google Affiliate Network
Once you sign up and get your special affiliate links, you can promote the links in advertisements, classifieds etc. In fact my friend suggested that I refer to http://www.openwebsitetutorials.com/948/how-to-find-an-affiliate-program-to-promote/ that helped me to better understand the concept and in choosing a suitable program.
I suggest you give them a try!

The web directories are the best places through which your business website can be identified in a proper way.They will hold one way links of all additional web sites and are arranged according to different categories to make best use of.
Advantages :
*Increases visibility of your website.
*Gives more back links to your site which inturn increases reputation of your site.
*Increases traffic flow for your site.
*Helps to get higher rankings on the search engines.

Doing proper marketing is so imporatant for every business. Promote a new website is not easy task. You should have consider so many thing like making a well business marketing plan, proper research on our product. Promotional product is the best and effective way to promote your brand.

There are some tips I like to give you if you search on it you will find good techniques.
one go with your internal links and have best quality and unique content on your site. go with some analysis what others are doing with there same site and for this you can use some analysis sites.
than you must read about quality link building.

To promote your new website

Let search engines know.
Submit your websites to the 3 major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing.

Promote sites via social networks.
Facebook. Do not just purchase likes for the sake of upping the number of facebook page likes. Target people who would be interested on what you market.
Twitter. Follow people who has the same interest as you. Talk to people. Engage to conversations related to your activity.
Instagram, Pinterest,Tumblr etc. This social media's are effective if your website sells products with great visual appeal. Use hash tags to easily track keyword searches and trends.

Let people know.
Let your friends in Twitter and Facebook know about your website. You may also notify people through email, or if you're in forums or discussion boards. But make sure not to spam people.

In addition, You may also add social media buttons on you website to make peoplespread the news about whats new on your website, in just one click.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
This is how your website will be found in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You can also hire professionals to do this for you.

Few easy way to start with new websites.

1.Focus on social media.Specially on fb and twitter.
2.Create page of your website and try to increase number of likes.
3.Try to get back links by posting on blogs. It will help you to get page rank.etc

Hi, My name is neha and i am from Goa. I have a resort in Goa and i want to know how i supposed to promote my site to grow my hotel business.

Hello nehadube,
Promoting your site is not a straightforward task to bring about. Before you decide to push further actions you will need an exclusive business strategy. Lacking this, it is quite difficult to form a plan for what sort of advertising and marketing activities effective for you. For instance, exactly how do you expand your online business locally or globally? Who will be the prospective buyers? How do you define your desired goals? How much do you expect to invest to achieve those goals?. Once you come up with an appropriate business model for your hotel business you definitely are heading in the right direction. Since without a perfect business structure often you will not be able to monitor your success. Afterwards, it is easy to promote your site through various channel. There exist a significant amount approach to drive traffic to your site. You can optimize your site to captivate organic traffic from google, bing and yahoo. Make sure you render a solid and robust social media presence on twitter, facebook, digg, pinterest, tumblr etc.You may also promote your site by distributing it to blogging network, forums, article directories press release etc .

Hi Hasanul, If I spend 50k on advertising then is it enough to grow my business on local scale? Or any other ways to do it in less amount of money. And how social media can help me.

first you have to make the better seo then you can get the high rankings another thing is that you have to hier the professional seo i can help you

You can follow the follow techniques:

1.Create account in Google webmaster and add generated html codes on your site header.

2.Create facebook page and promote your site there.
3.Promote your site on twitter,google+,pinterest etc.
4.Then Do forum posting ,blog posting,book marking on high page ranked site to get PR of you site.
5.Add your site in search engines using online tools.

Good luck.

do SEO works, create a social media account to back up your website, put a good content you can also add a chatbox

Social media is a great way to begin to get exposure for your new website. Additionally, it is important to have your website design include on page optimization so that it indexs well in the engines. Hit the forums that are niche related to your site as well and put a blog on your site where you can add fresh and unique content on a regular basis.

Promoting concepts for each website is different, for each of my website I planned different marketing strategies based on niche of website....what is your niche ?

can anyone help me here ?? for promote my webs ?

If you want to promote your website then do on page and off page optimization. That is called SEO. You can promote your website through Social Media also.

Do proper on page optimizing and off page optimizing it’s used to promote your site..

Create your website attractive,promote it on facebook,twitter,linkedin etc.write your content different from others.Generate backlinks from relevent and high PR sites.

if you want to promote your website then start the social networking this is the best tool in which you can get the targeted traffic

Do on Page as well as Off Page Optimization.

firstly do all the possible activity of seo then try to gain the popularity of the website through social media activities

For promotion first always go for seo activities then use the social media activities to promote the brand in mass

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