Hello to all SEO Experts,

I wanted you to review my company website Gowebbaby.com and let me know if I have missed anything.

I am in the way of SEO implementations and just looking for your inputs to make it better & better.

Your any input/suggestion/recommendation would be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time.


You need to research and implement keywords on your pages. I wrote a basic keyword planning blog post at www.michaelmvasas.mlspsites.com/keyword-planning/. Basically, add keywords to all of your images, at least one header, and at least one per paragraph on each page. Research your keywords using Google keyword planning or seobook.com, which is what I use.
As Claude stated, your visibility is good and your site is easy to read, which is awesome. It looks like you are building nicely on social media too, which is important. I'd say you are doing good, just keep it all up to date and be consistent with social media promoting.

Thank you so much for reviewing my side and for the suggestions. I will definately use these techniques soon :-D

First of all good Research regarding your content topic. Than very good interactive content is the key to success. After that do all off page techniques. regards

Bounce Rate of website is really high 68.35% at this point you need to analyze user behavior using analytic tool. Do A/B Testing if it won’t work than might be the keywords from which user coming to your website is not relevant. You need to work on good keywords that not only drag traffic to your website but also generate leads.

Here is a quick site review:

Home Page PR: 4
Social Buttons: Not Found
Google Analytics: Yes
Look and Feel: Nice
HTML 5  Responsiveness: Pretty

Facebook Likes: 23
Google Plus:    140
StumbleUpon:    0
LinkedIn:   38


PS: I can do FREE Manual SEO analysis using Google Webmaster Tools and Keyword Planner if you want.


get a google webmaster tools acount
submit the site to it
and fix everything google says is wrong


submit the site to the w3c html and css validators and fix everything w3c says is wrong

google make se rules
w3c make code rules

anything anyone else says is insignificant


those errors are fixed, then bother about the less important things, mentioned above, and deprecated from search engine priority for years

First post quality content blog article,press release and Forum posting.

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