We all know how important the Ecommerce is today. Will it been replaced by Mobile Commerce? Increasing popularity of smartphones and its users, i predict that the day is not far away when we will be shopping on Mobile.

Can anyone have more idea about Mobile commerce?

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It is possible. People are always on the go so maybe one day most ecommerce will be mobile.

Mobile Commerce has great future ahead. Thanks for sharing.

Can you explain me exactly what is Mobile Commerce?
If you are talking about Tele-marketing activities. There are already lot of call centers that sell products on phone

I hope the mobile commerce has the great feature ahead.Not only the number of leads are increasing but also the quality of leads higher when comparing with other methods

I think Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is simply the ability to conduct business transactions through a mobile device.Say so easy to shop, anywhere, anytime from the palm of your hand.

nobody has a much time to sit before the computer for internet.Everyone want to do each and everything from the mobile

I think it has great future, I will also suggest to everyone.

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