hi every one,
i have a blog and i want to add share buttons as all people have on their blog when ,we click on the button it will share on other social bookmarking sites,
i mean riddit, stumbleupone, facebook, etc etc, i want to add top 20 high ranking sites, any one give me the fix code to add in blog, i dont know about the HTML, and i can not edit the HTML codes, plz give me fix code, just copy from here and past in my blog HTML code.

i will wait here

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Are you using a cms like wordpress? If you are, you can add plugins.

If you want better info, tell us if you are using a cms or not.

Just a thought... Why do you want to send your visitors AWAY from your blog? Shouldn't the flow be FROM social media TO your blog (where you can convert them into list subscribers)? What are you aiming to achieve?

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