What should I do? :S

Thanks! :)

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Try to optimize your website through on page optimization anf off page optimization.

You should use google adwords.
It's worth!!

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What is the best free way to promote your site? I tried Search Engine Optimisation, and that helped a bit... but what can help even more???

Many way to promote website but first make seo friendly and Google friendly website then you can start promoting website

I tried that but it did not help. Is there any FREE advertising? I tried AdGrid, AdPerfect, that just helped a bit... but not much! :'(

First i do onpage optimization for that site and start link building via off page. Also will take it to social media.

Social Media sites are great. Here's a few that will help get you started. Each has a do follow link on the profile. Add the url address of your website to your profile to create some links back to you site. Search engines love it!

ClaimID- start here and add all your social media sites to the list
Friend Feed- not sure about the dofollow status
Merchant Circle- not sure about the dofollow status


In my own experiences, below 3 channels would be most popular these days:
1. SEO - relating to on page optimization and off page optimization
2. PPC - something like Google Adwords
3. Social media - relating to social bookmarking and social networking promotion

all the best,

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Scan your PC, maybe your PC Infected by Adware.

I tried all of that... Then how can you promote a Youtube video? I have some about my website!

Hi, i agree. Social Media Optimization is totally free and most effective way to promote your website. You can generate remarkable traffic to your website using Social media sites. It is the hottest way to grow your business and get new clients today.

I tried using Social Media. It did not work! My website is STILL not popular.

To get traffic or to promote your website it should contain good content which should be correctly represented. Use basic seo techniques and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, mySpace to promote your website. Social Media Optimization is the latest way in SEO to promote your product or services online. With this you can also write a blog about your site’s theme and share it on social media sites.

SEO forums are the best area where you can get the right direction of website promotion. Do the promotional activities which are coming under the On-Site and Off-Site optimization tactics.

There are many techniques to promote a website including word of mouth, including it on business cards and stationery, email promotion, and submission to web site search engines.

You should try
- social bookmarking
- directory submission
- ppc
- press release
- articles

Thank you, I will try that! :D

we can use SEO and SMM techniques to promote a website over internet.

You need to learn basic SEO and start optimizing your site. Or better hire an expert to do SEO work for your site.

Is there any free advertising service?

Content is the most important. i.e., is there anything to promote on the particular website in question.

Without content, there's really nothing to bother with. Age is another factor, since by virtue of just being there and existing (again, with content), you will find your site showing up in different places.

Sure, SEO is important, but you can do all the optimization you want and if there's nothing of significance then it's a moot point.

First, don't worry about promotion at all. Make sure your site is SEO friendly and pick up a Google Analytics account.

Then, if you're very active churning out content then begin promotion, if not, then continue building content so you actually rate when the indexing begins. And then it's time to begin in earnest with a multi-faceted approach to website promotion, such as a few of those mentioned in this thread.

Links are important, but don't go koo koo for coconuts w/link exchanges, which are a great idea in theory, but in the real world are populated mostly MLM and get rich quick schemes and if you're not careful can do more damage than good.

Creating or updating accounts on social networking sites to reflect links to your site(s) is good, if we're not talking about a client's site.

One great way if you commonly write news articles, for example, is to write those articles, and then submit them to Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and all the other sites, as well as have "Add This", or "Add To Any" buttons buttons on your site for the articles you have written.

Having those widgets can go a very long way to exploding traffic to your site w/ or w/o ANY SEO for the search engines, and even though it's a total hassle, you may want to make sure that "Anonymous Cowards" are able to comment on your articles (someone else is doing the work of building content for you and submitting the articles to the social bookmarking networking sites).

The search engines love that stuff, and it keeps your site fresh and dynamic too (again, you'll have to comb through the comments and remove inappropriate comments if you allow anonymous postings).

There are other, more intense, involved, and mature methods to engage for boosting your rankings once your site is mature and viable enough to put forth the effort, but there's simply no point in putting out effort for that until your site has actually matured to the point of having content worth a search engines effort to tell folks they should visit you ;)

Now, having said that, you may have such a site in six months...., or six days :) That part is a call you have to make, but the point being, get it ready for an SEO campaign before engaging in the campaign - or you'll have to duplicate that work, finding the search engines less likely to bother boosting you in the short term.

Hope that helps!

Kindest regards,

I do my promotion like this, first site analysis using competitor analysis and site structure analysis. then on-page optimization then link building promotion for inbound links.

You can also use PPC as your link building tool, which may drive relevant traffic, will get your site more visitors and brand exposure.

yes I do mostly social bookmarking, try also blog commenting, article submission, and of course forum posting

sumbit your site to directory
list product/service to classified sites
forum posting

Hi friend the promoting website is very important for every company or an individual because by promoting website he can get more traffic and their objective is complete so friends i think the Effective SEO marketing is very much important for that i suggest you to visit ebizsubmit they give ideas about SEO and they also done SEO work.

A successful web site needs visitors and that means ranking well in major search engines.

I agree with the post about content. You can do all the SEO in the world but if people don't like your content, they won't stick around for long! My first website was visited by hardly anyone, I paid and paid and paid, and almost NOBODY saw it. I researched and learned. Now I have a free blog and it's getting a lot of visitors. The difference is the content! You have to have something people want. Not what you think, but what they want. Research your area of interest as much as you can and then provide the best possible content covering that area, and people who are searching for the information will come.
Wish you well!

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