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I am currently working on a project, and I had a name for it in mind. However, the .com domain with that name is already in use. What do you think I should do? Rename my project, or use a .net domain instead of a .com?

The name would be:
Would you rather see something like: or would you rather see another name being used, like: Or something else entirely?

I would recommend buying a .com name whenever possible. In the modern market, everyone assumes it is going to be a .com and therefore if you have to keep reminding people it is .net then you are going to be loosing customers, and giving them away to the pre-existing .com site.

I find the name opiniononion as catchy and easy to remember, however since there already exists a .com domain for it, you may lose traffic if you choose a .net domain...

perhaps you can just think of another project name, or perhaps use a 'opinion-onion' as to avoid confusion in spelling your url?, as long as it's a .com domain since I agree with AHarrisGsy, that often many assume that the site will be automatically a .com.

What do you think about then? :) Instead of opiniononion?

Try because common means general and it fits well for your discussion because every person at one point of an discussion will have a common ground.

I hope that make sense.

Wow that's a cool one indeed, that does make sense :). So then the match would be between and I find more loveable for the tongue to pronounce, while I like the idea behind commononion a lot, more than Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Wow that's a cool one indeed, that does make sense :).

It good that you like it. I don't think I can give you another one because it's bit hard to find the right words for a domain.

Think something Different, above domains are good but not related to a specefic niche. Check Nameboy, domain grabber for better domain suggestion. You can check Google Adword tool too to get Keyword oriented Domains.

Then try to choose the .Biz domain because it relates to business. I think your favorite domain name is available within .Biz extension. I prefer you one website where you can get a huge list of .Biz domains and the name is

One other thing if your favorite domain is not available in any extension then try to create an email account that relates to your business. As per my way is a good website where you can create personalized email account on your own choice of domain name. Shortest email ids helps you in building a professional approach to your business. Customers feel that your company is a reliable company and not a fake one and they can easily invest in your company's products.

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