IntelliTXT or Kontera? What's the difference? Do they pay differently? Thanks!

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I am sure you already got your answer but for others:

IntelliTXT and Kontera are the same type of advertisement as they both take the text content on your website page and turn it into a click able advertisement that when hovered over will provide information about a product or service.

IntelliTXT pays either 1) Per click or 2) Per ad impression, meaning every time someone hover over the ad and causes the pop up box to appear.

Kontera pays differently in that they pay on a page impression. Meaning if Kontera has an ad on your page and the page is loaded that counts towards an ad impression. No click or hover over of ad is required.

Also I have found personally that IntelliTXT requires less work to mold into your site. Meaning ads only display in actual content. When I was running Kontera on my forums I found that the ads were appearing in the users Postbit section and highlighting their city as an advertisement.

When approaching IntelliTXT to run a test campaign with them, I told them that Kontera was willing to pay me on a pageview CPM basis, and to get my business, IntelliTXT offered me the same pricing scheme. I don't think they offer that for many people though.

Yea the same was done for Laura at Notebookforums. They will bend over backwards to compete with each other.

Was it? Because I was talking to her about that and she never mentioned it. I'll have to ask her about that one. Better yet, I'll have to convince her to be a regular member here! Yeah ... that's it :)

Hey, getting these guys to fight over your business always feels like a good plan to me :)

I think so too :)

OK ... so IntelliTXT offered me two proposals - one at an AdView CPM rate and the other at a PageView CPM rate. Kontera offered me just a PageView CPM rate.

In the end, I decided to go with IntelliTXT's AdView proposal for a one month long test. Because IntelliTXT will provide me with pageview count and adview count, I can very easily compute at the end of the month exactly how much money I would have made with all three proposals. On the other hand, if I went with one of the pageview CPM proposals, I wouldn't be able to compute an exact adview CPM since IntelliTXT offers two adview CPMs - one for text and one for richmedia ads, and I would have no way of knowing how many of each.

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