i have started my travel agency and looking for some idea to do a pr campaign as it helps to get known to large number of people.. Budget is limited to 100000,please suggest some good ideas.

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You have to perform Seo for yoyr website.this helps you to promote your site to a high pr.

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Are you talking about Press Release Compion or What? If you are talking about PR of SEO (Public Responce) so in this case only SEO Can guide you properly. you have to ask these question with Good SEO; so i mean i can help you in this case. PR only depends on your website ranking as well as when did you purcase your domain. According to Google, PR update might be this month. Google update to website PR after 3-4 months. if do you want to ask more question you can give the reply on this thread.

Please be more specific about PR and budget is 100000. You need traffic to your site or visitors. And if you want to generate traffic through paid adds you have to do through Google Adwords.

Hi susan852, you need not worry anymore you can read more information here on how to increase traffic and be on top.

Yo can either contact to pr company or yo can submit your pr from your own in some free pr sites.

Advertising company working with the twitter in which more than 250,000 potential buyers, advise, order advertising here:buynewtwit.com

PR in my opinion is the best choice. There are plently of online services that can help you with that. But don't get overwhelmed and try to stick to 1-2 PR campaigns a month.

Good Luck

Do you have a Marketing Plan to guide your PR Campaign?
If so, what are the Objectives you want?
Knowing that will dictate what type of online marketing campaign is needed!

Thanx all for your response. I would like to know what atrategy should i use in Seo to be successful because i have seen that from few days my links to my site in webmaster tool has depreciated from 500 to just 5 and i dont know the possible reasons for that. I am looking for some serious ideas as my site is going down???????

you always post authentic content on website and increase the high quality backlink. the visitos coming to the website.

You first start with SEO work, PR release, Link Building than go for Social Media Optimization- promote you Products, Services through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest also work on Wikipedia link Building to get more unique traffic towards your site.

I have a directory website with PR3 but i need to increase Pr to Pr5 what can i do ?
Please review my website http://find-on-google.com/

Thanks for any help

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