what are the white hat tectic through which we can use this.

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Can you elaborate more on what it is you want to know?

Hello Madhavi,

Here are some of the techniques which you should keep in your mind while doing white hat SEO..

Quality Content

Use Structural (Semantic) Mark Up and Separate Content from Presentation

pages with proper titles and meta data is essential

Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use

Quality Inbound Links

I agree with the post reply above... Quality matters more in the content edit...

True White Hat SEO methods are very hard to find! In fact these techniques are one kind of Kungfu which is still kept as secret. However if you are really interested to learn white hat seo the I would recommend you to stick with SEO for at least 3-5 years. Also study hard. Try to use your brain. Try to understand how you can make a link viral. And when you know how you can make a link viral you are the WHS certainly. :)

White hat technique is the way thru we doing SEO under authorised rule of Google. it is not creating aby spamming. it is authentic rule and regulation.

White hat tactic are following the instructions of search engine webmaster for promoting your website. Not providing spamming content for promoting website.

white hat tactic is the best technique this is long term but you can use this for better results

My white hat SEO tactic is building links on major high authority sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, Myspace, Linkedin, Yahoo Answer, Wikipedia, Google Groups, and many more. I'm currently building game site/blog. It's still 4 months old, it has 0 PR but it gains a steady organic traffic from Google every day. Today it's around 70 every day.

Submission of unique quality content, proper On-page and Off-page optimization are the good ways.

With SEO terminology, white hat seo is the term for the usage of optimization tactics, methods along with tactics that focus on a new individual target audience against search engines along with totally follows search results principles along with plans.
One example is, an online site that's optimized for google, still targets relevance and organic and natural rating is thought to be optimized utilizing white hat seo. Some situations of white hat seo techniques consist of utilizing keywords and keyword analysis, back-linking, hyperlink creating to raise hyperlink popularity, and producing information for users.
White Hat SEO is usually more often utilized by people who aim to make a long-term expenditure on their website. Also known as Ethical SEO

White Hat process invovles unique content.Attractive website for the end users.Avoding over promotion.Getting backlinks naturally.

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