I really need someone to help me I have no idea what i'm doing.

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If you could specify what exactly you are doing then I can certainly suggest you whether what you are doing is correct or not! You cannot achieve no.1 with just 'whatever' you are doing!

you should try to get as many links pointing at your pages as possible. do most off page submission one way linking, link exchange, like directory, classified, foum posting, blog commenting,submit your link on High PR websites,share yor url in social networking website etc that mean you can increase backlinks.

thanks, you can get to page 1 on google depend on the keyword you are promoting
build good backlink from do follow blog comments and post wisely on forum, submit articles to articles directories and use web 2.0 sites.
bookmark with social network sites
with time you will get there

getting to page 1 on google is not too difficult, but all depend on the niche you are marketing, if you are marketing a niche with low competition, you can get there.
you need to do keyword search, used articles submission and social bookmarking and blog commenting to increase your site backlinks

I really need someone to help me I have no idea what i'm doing.

Thanks everyone for you reply.

Thanks everyone for you reply.

Ha ha you asked Half Question, you got so many different replies and you still got satisfied.. This is funny & strange!

I'm sorry to still reply on a post 7 days ago, but I was just wondering if it is even possible to be no. 1 on google? I mean, I am just an average google user but I notice that the google's search result is constantly changing,. Well, I know about SEO, but man, am I tired to read posts about everybody wanting to be no. 1 on google. Why, I will already be satisfied if my site is on the first page of google's search result. I supppose it's too much to ask to be no. 1 with wikipedia and all those big sites as competitors.

I agreed that, most of the sites are competing for the first position in the major search engines. Therefore, the competition is very tough.
To achieve success in the major search engines ranking, you have to apply the different strategies of Internet Marketing like:
- On page SEO
- off page SEO
- Link wheel generation
- Web 2.0

The competition is tough but improving your rank is necessary if you want to increase your traffic which is necessary to achieve almost any goal that any site has by being on the internet. Keep up with forum posting, and do follow blog commenting. Submit your articles to directories and build up good backlinks. It does take some time but once you start to see the results you will know that your efforts were not in vain.

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