Internet has changed many aspects of our life, and the change is very positive. It has more or less you can say revolutionized the whole world. Nowadays Email Marketing is very popular and cost effective medium.
Here are some tips for effective email marketing which would your business to success
Look around and see what the demand of your customers is? What do they need to have in a product? How would they get attracted to it? Give preferences to their behavioral patterns and modify your marketing strategies according to it.

Make your email headlines very attractive so that they would compel the readers to read it and they develop an interest to go through the whole email. Do attractive things like spicing up the mails.

very useful post for email marketers. thanks for posting this wilson.

Yes, it is helpful to increase number of traffics and to remain in-touch with our Visitors but we must note that email marketing should be done with subscribed users only otherwise it can be considered as Spam too.

recently i was goin through an article and it said email marketing generates highest number of leads than any other digital marketing tactic

Yes, it is useful, but now... Have you seen the new Gmail? Nobody will ever read those mails that are in the "promotion" section...

Promotion via e-mail is without a question one of the most powerful marketing resources out there aslo use some other technic. Whether big or small, well-informed e-mail promoters are hitting into this incredible increasing source. For those of who are not using e-mail marketing they should use.

yes nowadays, instead of mobile or door to door marketing, this email marketing has provided many benefits to the online businesses. it is not only cost effective but also provides results in fast, easy and reliable way.

How can I get emails of niche people from industry? Anyone can explain effective way?