I want to advertise my online shop but I am not entirly sure what the best tools are for that. I was thinking about creating a digital flip magazine where I would display my current/new products and then either embed it in my website and/or send it via mail to my potential cutsomers, but I have no experience so far when it comes to email-marketing or which tool to best to use for such a flip magazine. Also, would you as a reader rather prefer such a digital flipbook or rather a simple plain PDF?


either embed it in my website and/or send it via mail

If you have a webshop with your products then there's no need to put it on your website too.
A flipbook in an email is too advanced for the email applications and software. If you want to do email marketing then you have to code your HTML (email) like it's 1999 and if you don't have experience with that, then there are always services like https://mailchimp.com/ or https://www.campaignmonitor.com/ which have ready made templates for free.

Sending a PDF brochure as attachement is not recommended for email marketing. Filesize of the email gets way too big, your prospects has to save the PDF first before they can open and read it. And reading a PDF on a smartphone is a terrible user experience, because they have to pinch/zoom in order to do so.

You can also buy email templates/themes on Themeforest, or the likes, which have there own email bulders integrated.

I would prefer you use flipbook

thanks for your reply @gentlemedia1! about opening and saving the flipbook - I also read that you can send them the link to your flipbook, so this way they do not have to save it first before beeing able to read it. Thanks for the link to themeforest - will check it out!

I think I would probably also prefer a flipbook (they are way more interactive). As you mentioned, you can send your customers the link to your flipbook and much more. under point 2 "why should I create a HTML5 flipping book" you can find a good explenation on why it is beneficial to use a a flipbook Click Here

No, I was refering to just a PDF instead of a flipbook. Anyway... it looks nice a flipbook (if well designed) on a desk/laptop and tablet, but is useless on a phone and the majority of email opens these days are mobile.

You can simply embed your magazine in your website, this will be very much beneficial for you as well as for your potential customers. Even this will not cost great amount for you.
For email marketing you should have an email gateway taken from that particular service providers. This will cost you a particular amount but you will be able to send the content whatever you want.

thanks @cory_4 wanted to have a look at your link but it only redirected me to the homepage - about which article exactly were you talking about?

thanks for your reply @Kaushal_2 ! do you have any experience which flipbook software best to use?

had a look at the link @cory_4 very helpful and great explenation about why flipbooks are beneficial! (It also mentioned a great idea of sharing it on social media sites like facebook - might be something I will try too).

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