Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to get 2000 unique visitors after launching a brand new website?

And how did you achieve this?

mostly depends on your niche content. it should take about 2 months minimum.

Actually, I meant 2,000 unique visitors a day.

You can achieve this in 2 months minimum???? WHat is your secret?

sorry, i thought for a month. good luck !!!

1 day - If you ask 2000 people to visit your sit.
1-2 years - If you dont advertise your website.

So the more you advertise the more visitors you will get. Try to have like exchanges with related websites, add your website to different directories under the related categories and submit it to search engines as well.

1 day - If you ask 2000 people to visit your sit.

Wow! that would so easy if you can find 2000 people to ask to visit your website. Where can i find those people :)

i think back links are the key link exchange with as many related sites you can find

I think you should review your question and ask:

How long does it take to get 2000 unique daily visitors from search engines?

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