I have read and found that there are seem like plenty of posts about how to get top position in google. Now, for me is not too hard. Just take a bit of time and follow only few steps below:
1, Contents ( I think this is a key ):
- Unique - dont copy because this is not the right way in long term. try to write it by yourself, some mistakes of spelling are not the matter. as long as its yours is more important.
- Fresh - try to change your some of your main pages contents about once a month and add new pages as often as you can - Google like it and come back to your site more often ( sometimes everyday )

2, Links
- Get revalant links as many as you can - from beginning, do not care about Page rank,
- dont wait for someone come and ask for your links, come to them, nicely ask for links or send email to ask, no worries if someone dont answer you, 10/30 are good enough. and when you are popular, you will be more relax, someone will come and beg for your links ( if your contents still atractive enough )
- Dont panic if you are not in Yahoo or DMOZ directory ( its good to be here ) but this is not the main reason that make you on top. plenty of directory source out there you can find.
- Dont listen to someone saying like : guarantee your site on top 3 positions. No one could guarantee this I think. Dont waste your time and money on those saying and promises.
- I think rank is fun, and not too complicated as people said. I believe that if you do proper 2 things I mentioned above plus some website technical knowegde, you will make it.
This is my own experience, and I have good results from what I suggest above so far after wasting my time on other informations that are too complicated for newbie like me.
Maybe some professional out there can make my ranking 'tips' shorter for other people who interested in this topic.

Cheers, :lol:

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You're definitely on the right track with some good tips. I think where most people go wrong is that they try to design their site for the search engines and not for the humans. Instead of spending so much time thinking about how to get more backlinks, instead focus all that time and energy to improving the website for its readers, so that they will want to naturally link back to you.

Quality Links + Quality Content = Happy Webmaster. :)

Quality Links + Quality Content = Happy Webmaster.

so so right

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