I recently designed a jewelry website, can someone provide me advices what's the good strategies to publish this site, at the very begining I don't want to post as a commercial advertisement to those sites like google, yahoo.
are there jewelry listing site I can submit in less expense or free?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.


any suggestion?

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Unfortunately, a solid marketing strategy relies on Yahoo and Google, as they are the superpower of the web. But you do have other options.

Most find it easiest to sell on eBay at first. But you already have a web site and want to generate revenue, so my suggestion would be to try Yahoo stores. It allows integration of a shopping cart and ecommerce gateway into your site design - very easily. Furthermore, you may want to try other shopping directories such as shopping.com, nextag.com, etc. There are probably more topical shopping directories, in your industry.
Now that this thread is in the right forum, you should get good replies over time.


I suggest organic seo for your products which has less competition on Google & Yahoo to start with.

If you need any help you can conatct me for the same.


First of all, what do you think about Bebimi? O would really love if you comment it a bit.

Second, besides time, what is advantage of PPC marketing compared to regular SEO marketing?


I am not much of a tech guru but I can say that I like Bebimi. It's nice to see all its affiliates' promotions in one single place: http://www.bebimi.com/bebimi-promotions.htm. I mean it could save you a lot of money.

PPC is far less risky than spending on an organic campaign.

Indeed ... but if the organic marketing company has a good reputation it could a much better job and make spend less money on it than a full PPC campaign. Just my 2 cents ...

Alan: What's with that Bebimi's Diamond Club? What are the benefits of joining it? I want to buy my fiance a nice wedding ring and I could use some tips about diamonds in general, you know ... ;)

I already joined Bebimi's Diamond Club . I understand that I can save even up to 50% but I don't know what was I supposed to do next. I mean, what do I have to do know to get that discount ? Thanks.

Anybody ? :rolleyes:
Any constructive criticism on my jewelry would be much appreciated! I just started in March, so don't be too harsh ...
BTW: Do you like the new design ?

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