Hi I own a small and growing I.T company we deal in app and web development and technical support mostly. I would like to add a new service to our portfolio (email marketing), but has no knowledge of how this actually work. We know how to create the email template html also know that we have to build a clean email list which user has actually subscribed to and double opt-in and all. But the biggest challenge is.

Which server should we use to send these emails.
Domain , IP that will get less considered as spam.
Cms or any other software which as good rating to send these bulk email from
Any special request we need like understanding with ISP and so on?

Please feel free to add any suggestion

jwenting commented: dirty little spammer wannabe -3

the standard way to spam people is to buy a botnet and use that. And we're not here to help you harass people with spam and/or do other illegal things.

You are getting me wrong.

I do not want to spam people i want to offer the email marketing service to my clients. I will help them build their mailing list of subscriber, we will not send to anybody who is not on the client emailing list.

The question is if my clients has a list of 100 subscribers when i send these email even if they have subscribe will my isp or even spam filter will see that as spamming because im sending lot of email at the same time, If I have 10 client using my service and depending on how frequent they want to do it.

So is there a special server, software or agreement with isp i need to have? (im not talking about botnet here) do i need an smtp relay server or a trusted domain name these kind of things so these email can safely be delivered to these subscribers inbox?

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