Every social network be helpful for the marketing these days. But the need is to provide the quality content and to be live all time and to take part in the discussion and in other activities. As google is planning to use g+ data more for providing the more relevant result of search. So for getting the best result for the site ,people will use g+ more than FB.

I doubt if people have started to use Google plus for promotional purposes. So, as of this moment, I’ll vote for Facebook for traffic.

I think facebook is also not good for promotional purposes because you can get good amount of traffics there if able to create related networks otherwise all links from there will be of nofollow nature.

According to me "Name is Fame" and its suitable for this question because facebook is more popular than google+ and so facebook is better than google+ till now. But can expect more in future because its product of google and google can apply more ways to make its more popular.

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You can receive good amount of traffic through Facebook. I am not sure about Google+.

G+ is still conquering the market, while FB already has its huge market share. Apart from that and the prospects unpreceedable, both social networks help much to gain traffic.

Facebook can drive good amount of traffic. Google plus has launched but i didn't see anywhere that it can beat Facebook. Facebook is still leading. So my vote with goes to Facebook.

I think Both sites are used for social networking but facebook is established it self very well. so i think facebook is the best.

They're both free. Why not do as much as you can with every free venue available to you?

Yes this is the best answer

Right now its Facebook that can bring you more traffic as Google+ will need time to gain trust of users as it is launched quite recently. So for now I suggest you to use Facebook. Google+ is still in its beta version.

Right now its Facebook that can bring you more traffic as Google+ will need time to gain trust of users as it is launched quite recently. So for now I suggest you to use Facebook. Google+ is still in its beta version.

I don't know ... looks to me like their traffic to be had already on G+. Like the gal said earlier, it's free. It rocks because it's ... free. Facebook rocks and G+ rolls outs ... bigger and bigger ... why play catch up hockey down the road. The time to plus up and circle the globe is now. Grooooooow your own circles! I'll groooooow my circle, grow circle. Just kidding withya' there 'sinz.

Facebook and Google+ both are useful social networking sites to interact with people. The main difference that I observe is that Facebook is old in social network than Google+, so its has more user's. But both the sites have their own functionality that make them unique and useful for users.

If you want to know which one is the best in traffic bringing, It's better to use the two and study which is better. But for me google is the best but google+ is not yet get the reputation of facebook.

i think You can receive good amount of traffic from both but Fb is better way & G+ is still conquering the market.. but both free then enjoy both....

Facebook is created 10 years ago...It is much more comfortable, because many bugs were found and fixed for this time.
Google + is very "young" yet and it needs time for promotion...

Both of the sites are amazingly best for the superb amount of viewers, but i think facebook is more popular than Google.

I think Facebook help more. now a day people are using social media more. it also give more functionality than google+. Thank you.

Facebook and Google plus both are the social media sites. But Google+ has Facebook beat in the area of chat.Google+ is larger than Facebook. The reason Google calls it the “Google+ Project” is that Google+ will become a mid part of Google’s whole character. So the actual question is “can Google beat Facebook?

for now i will still vote for facebook, because google+ is still not as popular as facebook online
many still do know how to use google+ till date,
facebook is easer

Hi There, I am kind of new in the internet marketing subjects. which of these 2 sites can help better in terms of bringing more traffic?

Thank you

Google+ is not that popular compare to facebook. though google+ ranks and indexed easily in google SERPS.

I believe both are useful as g+ since its a google networking feature so we have to use it either willingly or unwillingly but for fb yes we gets some traffic for sure

Yes,Social Networking Sites is more powerful for increasing lots of business traffic.Google Plus is a new application but Facebook is more advanced.

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