Noticed a new look for AdSense ads today. MUCH cleaner!!

Also a very welcome improvement after the email I got last month saying that Google was winding down the custom AdSense code for premium publishers (too hard to manage).

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I agree..they look very clean and sharp. I was just browsing some other sites and came across an add in the format you displayed in your post. If it wasn't for the fact that I had seen your pic first, I wouldn't have noticed that it was an ad.

These ad styles seem to integrate with the page's content much nicer.


Definitely a step up compared to the old ads that looked very squished and didn't seem to fit in the space very well.


Thanks for sharing Dani! It's nice to see Google make a step in the right direction for once. Perhaps they've finally realised how much they've slipped over the passed 36 months in regards to their AdWords/AdSense. I personally feel they got too comfortable with their 'legacy' layout, I also can't agree more about how complicated they made a system that could have been so simple.

Looking forward to checking out the new system.



It would be great to see DaniWeb recruit official video moderators and hit mediums such as youtube with the recordings. Even if it was a video blog that was run for 6 months. If there is a justifiable difference in traffic sourced from the likes of YouTube then it would be continued? Thoughts?

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