I was curious if anyone knew of a way to create a backup of one's Facebook Page. Ideally, a similiar version of what Facebook allows for personal profiles. Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!


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At the heart of Facebook is their open graph model. Essentially, everything on Facebook (every person, every event, every photo album) is an object in the open graph.

You could essentially write a script to fetch all of the information related to you and save it. However, there wouldn't be a way to reimport it back into facebook.

For example, here's some public information about me:


If you wanted to go the extra step, you could register for a Facebook API Key from https://developers.facebook.com/apps where you would be able to esesntially pull all private information about yourself from http://graph.facebook.com/me or (with their permission by installing your app) about anyone else as well. It's pretty powerful stuff once you wrap your mind around it.

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it means you can save your copy of stats too ?

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