Okay so I have an android app called Rate My Plate and it needs users. I mean it needs a lot of users. It's an app where if there are a low amount of users then it's pointless but the more users the better it is. Now I have tried posting on some forums but not much luck. Does anyone have any idea where I can post about my app and some people will actually read it? I tried posting here but only got 2 hits.

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Perhaps the idea of your app isn't that appealing to people. I for one don't like the idea of my plate being stored in someones database (yours). I understand you wanting to get users to look at it but if you've been trying and no one is responding, its probably because they don't like the idea of it.

My 2 pennies.

Try social networks for promoting your app

well can you let me know you're trying to getting traffic or your motto is earning ! or you are trying to earn by getting traffic ..... ? well if you are sure that your application worth and you have resources then try running paid campaing on social netwroking websites or i must say check your application again for some flaw ! and yes look after the feedback given the users! that might help you in knowing why you'r app is ...... !! :)

you can use facebook for this . create a page for your app give some offers make it attractive and it's done.

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