If you want to increase traffic then I would say that only content would help you today, try to create as much content as you can on your website, forums, blogs, article directories, they would be indexed in Google and you would get some traffic, but make sure that you are creating only quality content.

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I fully agree with your post, that good content writing of any forum, blog, or website helps greatly in attracting traffic to your site. There are also other means by which we can increase our online traffic, and of these affiliate marketing programs plays a very vital role in it. They promote any product or service online as well as help in the promotion of a website, blogs, forums etc. Affiliate marketing promoting other peoples products and a marketer earns a commission in return.
There are few things to keep in mind before choosing the product to promote. Find the right affiliate product to promote is vital and then finding a niche market is essential. To be successful in affiliate marketing one needs to have knowledge about affiliate programs, affiliate tools etc.
For more detailed information about affiliate marketing programs visit- http://www.openwebsitetutorials.com

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I think the first would be to have a website built online for visitors to view or visit. Writing unique content is plus to increase web traffic and for sure your websites webpages will end up eventually attracting major search engines to your website and internal web pages thereto.

There are ways to increase traffic to your website rather than trying to create a personal link wheel

I am not sure if you have a marketing budget or not, so in this case let us assume we have $0.00 no money to work with. I would think about...

  • Hosting an online competition inside of your niche (make other's create your content/links for a prize or gift etc)
  • guest post on other people's blogs or networks that will expose you or your website and increase traffic. (authority boost)
  • Do a press release (some are free others may cost you a little money here and there) - this is a great method that I personally use "before and after" I launch a webiste or campaign. Launching a press release about an "up and coming" website or campaign launch is a great way to show the search engines legitimacy. It also may prepare them for a high serge of traffic to your new site!

These are just off the top of my head. I also use a few softwares in my business that help speed the process along. Remember it is your job to capture your potential customer so that you can retargeted them in the future <-- #1 traffic method of all time right there. As white hat as they come.

my skype is Fobusiness if you ever want to talk more. Good luck.

Facebook, twitter, linked In and Google plus these social networking sites used in Smo for getting Good traffic.

Writing content will always increase your traffic
if you share the correct value in the right places.

There are faster ways to gain traffic to your campaign.
e.g. Click Here

But before you go ahead with a traffic method I would agree with what http://www.daniweb.com/members/1080035/lucillevargas1 Said

I think the first would be to have a website built online for visitors to view or visit.

A good quality content is only one factor that helps in improving your website traffic. there are many other factors that can increase your site traffic and these include directory submissions, social media marketing, social networking and giving comments on different forums and blogs.

Hello friends, I have a website www.car-insurance-estimate-1.com which has penalized by google one time in past. But now no one issue in my website. But this time i am doing SEO for my project without spamming for 3 months, but i don't get the traffic for my website. Please check my website and tell me if any problem there than i will solve it.. Please help me... Thanks

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Yes, Quality content, Blogging, forum promotions are really very helpful to get organic traffic but you must also promote your site through Social Media sites, these type of sites are helpful to get Direct/Unique visitors towards your site.

Try to potimize your keyword on serch engines which helps to find your website easily on Google. for that you must use SEO techniques.

Content is the king. Write unique and interesting content so that people share this content to social networking sites. That can give you really good human traffic.

That's true MaryOlson. Only new content can help you to get higher in the search engine. since the introduction of Penguin.

There are only 3 ways to increase traffic..
1) Content: article, blog
2) Social Networking: facebook, twitter
3) Paid marketing on google and facebook (bit expensive, but instant result)

yes i also agree that content plays a very important role in increasing website traffic. unique and high quality content when submitted to websites (article submission) greatly helps in increasing the PR of the website.

Content is the main key for generating traffic to website.Write Quality ,accurate keyword density articles/news/Third party articles on free websites

you can use also social websites like face book and stumbl

for incresing traffic a website, you have to build links from other quality websites and you should also use popular social networking sites for traffic.

For a stic website optimization, what are the effective SEO tips....New content cannot be create on a static website please help me.

Try to get viral contents and see the traffic. It works as an wonder. Although it requires tough work to write viral contents. Make content interesting and easy to understandable by all user.

High quality custom content creation is always one of your best bets. Write your content with keywords that are relavant to your subject. Once you have good content then spread it via your social networks. If you are using good content that others find intersting and helpful it will get picked up and posted by others.

A lot of people tells to focus on SEO and Referring Links. They are extremely effective and will send lots of relevant traffic + brand recognition to the website.
However, i think important focus should be User Retention. focus most on user retention. Build a great/useful product or site that people will want to keep coming back to. And treat those people well.

As per my research, Article submission are not going to help this days. You can go for web 2.0 submission for getting good backlinks and traffic to your website.

You can increase your website traffic by promoting your product on social media platforms or get your website in top 10 positions via PPC or SEO techniques for high compititor keywords.

With out posting quality content there are lot of other ways to gain some more traffic.

High Quality content and social media marketing will help you.

yes i agreed with you post but some other tools also play a vital role for increaning websites traffic likes:

Keyword Research
Search Engine Friendly Navigation
Website Load Times
Website Images
Keyword Placement.

Hello,Launch some contests. It'll draw you instant traffic. You can Goggle search some free sponsor program and do such contest frequently.

To increase traffic to your website you have to do link buiding activities,social sharing,on page optimization..For that quality of the content have great impact..

you must have unique content fresh content and go for paid directory submistions and join forums discussions

  1. High quality content
  2. A LOT of relevant backlinks
  3. Social media campaigns
  4. And a whole lotta more...
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