I would like to promote my medical software globally. Can anybody help to find agent globally?


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Depends on who can use the software. You could try contacting Hospitals and Doctors who would find your software usefull.

Maybe you can join affiliate program as a merchant. You would have to find one that works globally. This will work while you search for a global agent, at least I think!

but more than a screen recorder, you can record all the actions taking on the application and then add some tips or instructions to it, even more, you can easily add the narration from microphone or import audio file directly.

You do know that you can get a product that does exactly this for free? I used it for my Comp/Sci Projects (got it from a PC magazine coverdisk)

did you try to get your site on some pay per click programs? or search engine submission?

I think you should make a press release in few press release sites & medical journal etc before you officially launch it.

make a website
then promote it
create backlinks everywhere


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